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An Outdoor Job Interview

There may be times when your job interview will need to be conducted over lunch or another meal. That is because many employers have busy schedules and will therefore try to kill two birds with one stone:  a meal and your interview. There are some interviews that will set at breakfast with one interviewer followed at lunch with another and then for dinner with yet another. And in each “meal” interview you will be required to answer questions over and over again with due confidence and reliability.

One of the reasons why some employers will conduct a meal interview is because they want to see you in a variety of social settings, particularly if this is something which is part of your job description and you will be required to meet with clients on a regular basis.  Another reason may be that your interviewer may simply have only a limited amount of time to spend on your interview and is trying to fit as much as possible into their schedule. No matter what the reason may be for the meal interview you need to be as prepared as possible for anything that might come along.

Wait for your interviewer to sit down before you do so. This will show respect and courtesy and will leave a lasting impression which is positive. Your interviewer wants to see how you will conduct yourself in a social setting so take the opportunity to show off your professionalism to the best. Sit up straight whilst keeping your feet flat on the floor. Crossing your legs may come across as too casual. Unfold your napkin and place it in your lap when your meal arrives. Proper etiquette is another way for you to score points in the meal interview.

When the time comes to order your meal choose something which is less expensive than what your interviewer is ordering. If you are asked to order first, choose something that is within a medium price range. Again, it’s all about common courtesy and your interviewer just wants to see how you can handle yourself in these types of a situations.

Eat slowly and take small bites of your food. You will most likely be asked questions while you are eating and you want to be able to answer without food spitting out of your mouth or choking on large pieces. Keep your arms off the table and remember to use the correct cutlery as dictated by what you are eating. Remember that the purpose of your meal is a job interview and you want to do the best that you can so that you get the job or maybe move on to the second round of interviews.

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