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Walk-In Your Resume

For this type of application procedure, you’ll want to dress appropriately. Dress just like you would for an interview.

Companies usually ask you to do this if you’re going to be working directly with customers. They ask for a walk in because they want to get a look at your grooming habits straight away.

Sometimes, a walk in will have the employer giving you a brief interview on the spot, to see if they’ll require a formal interview later. So be on your best and most appropriate behavior.

Also, walk-ins don’t require you to bring in a cover letter with your resume. Your appearance is a sort of “cover letter”.

Sometimes, you’ll be requested to fill out an application form too. Smile and be polite, no matter who you’re talking to. That could be the difference between getting an interview and just taking an extra trip for nothing.

Telephoning for an Interview

It’s not particularly common anymore for companies to ask you to call them for an interview. That’s usually saved for jobs that include sales and/or jobs that aren’t so easily applied for by other methods.

Telephoning for an interview is a bit common when a company requires that you be on the phone a lot. It gives them a feel for the quality and the personality of the person on the phone.

When making this type of interview request, always speak in the cleanest, clearest manner. Be polite and prepared to answer any questions that may be asked to you. You might want to approach the telephone interview like this:

“Hello Mr. Brown, I’m John Smith. I’m calling with regards to your ad in the Post about the clerical position”. If you’re asked your experience and/or previous work experience, be prepared to answer quickly and explain how long you’ve been doing that type of work and give a brief description of your duties.

The correct way to build your resume will be included later on in this manual. It’ll give you the correct way to format your resume so that it gets noticed for all of the right things.

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