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Mistakes In A Job Interview

When it comes to the job interview there are quite a few mistakes that you can accidentally make that can cost you the job that you really do want to have. First of all, stop focusing so much on your resume and start paying more attention to things that can go wrong and what you can do to correct them. Most mistakes are made during in the job interview so the more prepared you are for what is to come, the better chance you will have of avoiding and averting those mistakes.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to arrive late. Actually, if you arrive late for your appointment, you can pretty well forget your chances of getting the job. Employers will have little use for someone who cannot even make it to the job interview on time. Another area where job seekers often make mistakes is in their resume’s cover letter. You will need to make sure that your cover letter is precise and accurate and that it says just enough about you to make your potential employers want to give you a chance in the interview room.

The one thing that you do not want to do is have too much attitude. This can work against you in your cover letter and during the interview itself. Also, you do not want to have a bad attitude about the job interviewing process. Do not be overbearing and arrogant, and always bear in mind that it is you who is looking for the job and not the other way around. You will not be doing your interviewer any favours by showing up for the job interview, it really is for yourself.

Your body language should also be exact. This means a good handshake, regular eye contact with your interviewer, and making sure that you do not cross your arms during the interview since this can be a sign of aggression. Do dress accordingly. This means a professional outfit such as a suit or some good dress clothes. Always remember that you will want to leave an impression with your interviewer that is positive and unique.

Keep any questions that you have until your interviewer gives you the chance to ask them. This will usually take place at the end of the interview when you are given a few minutes to ask questions. Limit your questions to just a few and never ask about your salary or any job benefits. You will want to seem interested in the job but not overly confident that you have the job and can ask about how much money you are going to be making.

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