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Questions You Can Ask In The Job Interview

In every job interview there will be an opportunity for you to ask your interviewer some questions also. Take some time to come up with some questions that you want to ask ahead of time so that you do not fumble around for something to say.


When you do not have any questions ready to ask it sends the message that you have not really put any thought into the job. You want to avoid asking questions which are answered on the company website or in any written literature that you have been given prior to the interview. You want to ask questions that you have put some thought into so that you show your interest in actually getting the job.

The two questions that you should not ask unless your interviewer brings them up are about salary and job benefits. These are all issues that an interviewer might or might not bring up. Many times talking about salary and job benefits is left for a second interview.

The interview process should be looked upon as a two way interview. Not only are you being asked questions about yourself and your job experiences, you’re also the one asking questions so that you can sell yourself. When you ask informed questions you leave a good impression with the knowledge that you bring to the interviewing table.

Some of the questions that you may ask include:

•    What are the company’s values?

•    What is the mission statement of the company?

•    What are the goals of the company and were these goals actually met last year?

•    What will be my biggest challenge if I do get the job?

•    What is it in my resume that attracted you to me?

•    When can I expect to hear from you with a decision?

•    If you offer me this job, why do you think I should accept it?

•    What things do you expect me to accomplish if you do give me this job?

Do not forget to ask questions that involve the management of others if you are looking for a mid level entry position. Some of these questions include (1) how much authority will I have to run my own department, (2) how many employees will I be supervising, (3) may I please see the company organizational chart, and (4) will any employees be let go or transferred from my department? 

The better prepared you are to ask questions at the end of your interview the bigger impact you will leave with your interviewer. Questions will show that you are interested in the job and have taken the time to be really ready for your interview.

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