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The Restaurant Interview

Sometimes recruiters might ask you to conduct your interview during lunch or dinner.

It can make for a more relaxed setting for the recruiter, but you should remember that it’s still an interview, and your behavior must therefore be in accordance with that.

During this type of interview, you should look at it as a relaxing way for you to talk about and promote yourself to the recruiter.

Making a little bit of small talk is expected. Don’t bring up the topic of the interview until the interviewer does. He/she might want to get to know you a little bit first.

Remember to talk about yourself, but don’t get too personal. There are also basic points of etiquette and common sense rules that you should follow too. For example:

• Remember your basic table manners, things like putting your elbows on the table, etc..

• Always fold your serviette on your lap before eating.

• Don’t order messy or sloppy foods. This includes finger foods like ribs, and extremely large sandwiches. Avoid also pastas with thick sauces, and French fries.

• Don’t order the most expensive item on the menu either.

• Try to avoid alcoholic beverages if you can.

• When you get up to use the bathroom, place your serviette on your chair or on the arm of your chair.

• Common sense : do not smack your lips or talk with your mouth full.

• Always excuse yourself if you need to leave the table for any reason.

• Don’t have your cell phone turned on.

• Continue to talk formally to your interviewer unless requested not to.

After your interview is finished, be certain to thank the recruiter for the meal and for their time. Give a firm handshake, and ask when you should expect to hear from them next. It shows some confidence and a continued interest in the job. Send a thank you card that same day.