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The Phone Job Interview

There may be times when you need to conduct your job interview over the phone. Do not make the mistake of thinking that a phone interview is any less formal than an interview that is conducted in person. This could be a critical mistake you can make that could cost you the job that you really want. Many times a phone interview is your way of securing a meeting that can be face to face. Phone interviews are one of the ways recruiters often narrow down their list of potential people to talk to. You’ll want to pass the phone interview with flying colours so that you make it into the next round.

There are a few specific things that you can do to make sure that you score high in the phone interview. The first thing that you will need to do is eliminate or minimize the number of distractions that can occur whilst you are on the phone.

This includes even very subtle noises such as your dog barking, your cell phone ringing, or someone in the background who may be doing the dishes. Try to schedule your phone interview in a quiet space so that you do not have to fight against any distractions. You will need to be as focused as you can be so that you can concentrate on the answers to the questions that you are asked.

Make sure that your verbal skills are also good. You will not have the luxury of looking into your interviewer’s eyes so you need to rely on other ways to leave a lasting impression on him or her. Your voice should try to reflect your enthusiasm for the interview but at the same time you should maintain your professionalism by using language that is grown up and more precise. Avoid using words that a teenager would use such as “cool” or “dude”.

Try to prepare as much in advance for your phone interview as you can. You will want to have a resume on hand that you can refer to as well as a notepad so that you can write down information that will be given to you by your interviewer. The one good thing about a phone interview is that your interviewer will have no idea when or not you are using your notes.

You will want to follow up on your phone interview in a few days to see how you did. Send a thank you note so that you may highlight your selling points as a new employee. Exude as much confidence as you can so that you will be considered for that second interview that might then be done face to face.

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